JK Nation is a group of John Karl fan's that want to help get John Karl's music out to the world. You can be a part of this powerful group by posting John Karl news on your facebooks, twitters, instagrams and of course telling all your fiends about John Karl. Joh feel's it is the people that enjoy his music that will be the best word of mouth on the planet. Let face it. If you like an artist you tell your friends and in know time at all that artist is known throughout the musical world. It is  a very expensive business to be in and JK wants you all to know that he could not do this without you all. 


Keep the music playing, the posts posting and the talk talking. JK Nation will also give you the ability to hear new songs before they come out and special JK content not released to the public.


See you all on the road and thank you for your continued support! God bless!

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